$7.00 - $12.00

Tea Tree ,Hemp & Citrus Body Scrub

Infused with Kiya oil, Epsom Salt& Sugars

Essential Oils : Bergamot & Tea Tree

This scrub smells like citrus do to the bergamot &tea tree. It can be used by all genders although , it is not intended for children. This item may even assist with in grown hairs and rough skin.
You can apply it to your legs, buttocks, and even back. Please remember that this product is slippery so be careful in the shower!

*May assist with rough skin.
*May assist with exfoliation.
*May assist with ingrown hair.
*May assist with dark spots.
*May provide skin with a natural glow.

-Use 1-2xs per week or as needed.
-Do NOT use this item every day.
-Use lukewarm water; & run for 5-10 minute. The purpose is to soften the skin.
-Apply scrub in circular motions; start at your feet and move upwards.
-Be gentle.
-Rinse thoroughly.
-Apply body oil or cream after application .

-Always scrub gently. In the days post scrub it is best to treat your skin with love. Avoid the sun , mositurize & hydrate.
-This product does not contain preservatives. For bacterial purposes, do not introduce water into jar. Always use a clean utensil.
-To maximize freshness, store scrub in fridge & keep out of sunlight
--BERGAMOT might lower blood sugar levels if consumed/used in high does
--Tea tree is not Reccomended for adolescent boys

Products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to heal, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am not a physician. If any allergy or irritation occurs , please discontinue use immediately. Always consult with your physician before using any herbal products