Lavander Infused Body Oil

Infused with Wildcrafted Lavander, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Kiya Oil , Argan & Vitamin E

Essential Oil:

This multi-purpose oil is considered a dry oil. It will not leave the user with a sticky residue. The texture is much thinner than a typical body oil . You can also apply it to your hair to assist with dry scalp & dandruff .

*May act as an Anti-aging blend
*May act as an anti-inflammatory
*May act as an Anti-fungal
*May act as an antiseptic
*May act as a Mood booster
*May Promote sleepiness
*May assist with reduction of pain

-Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.
-Do NOT use children.
-Lavander E oil is unsafe for young males who haven't reached puberty.
Apply a small amount into the scalp or ends of wet or dry hair.
Apply a small amount onto the desired area & gently pat oil into the skin.
Always do a small patch test first.
- Never apply products to broken or damaged skin .

Products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to heal, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a physician. If any allergy or irritation occurs , please discontinue use immediately. Always consult with your physician before using any herbal products.

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